20 May 2013

Saving the Earth as a career?

This book will tell nothing new to the professionally grown-up. However, I wish I had a chance of reading similar advice when I was in my University years. Plenty of valuable recommendations here, and written in a simple and pleasant style.

Perhaps a bit US-centric, to the extent that one may end up wondering what pre-packaged conservation professions may be waiting for the newly graduated in – say – Italy or Greece. Hey, is there any job waiting for us at all?

Yet, the advice that can be found in this book is more generally useful and it won't harm spending the 17 Euro needed for the ebook version (or perhaps even the 26 Euro for the paperback).

Hunter M.L. Jr.,  Lindenmayer D.B., Calhoun A.J.K. 2007. Saving the Earth as a Career: Advice on Becoming a Conservation Professional. Wiley-Blackwell. 216 pp. 

E-book £13.99 / €16.99; paperback £21.50 / €25.80

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