24 May 2013

Dolphin research in unusual places

When we say we are studying dolphins in Greece, most people depict us in a Santorini kind of landscape, where we would enjoy ever-sunny skies and transparent waters.

The image above portrays a somewhat different reality. It shows Silvia in the Northern Evoikos Gulf, where we spent most of the time following bottlenose dolphins in the Bay of Larymna, near this appalling ferronickel smelting plant (the largest in Europe). The air was often unbreathable due to industrial smokes, and the water kind of black. However, bottlenose dolphins regularly came to feed in this area because of its high density of fish farms (see Silvia's poster HERE).

A photo ebook of our work in the Northern Evoikos Gulf can be viewed HERE.

(Photo by G. Bearzi, October 2010) 

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