26 February 2016

Pointed beak

The pointed beak of a striped dolphin peeking at our boat.

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni, Gulf of Corinth, Greece)

25 February 2016

Red buoy

Two bottlenose dolphins surface near a fish farm buoy in the Bay of Itea, Greece.

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni)

19 February 2016

Peach coloured sea

Striped dolphins at twilight, on a peach coloured sea.

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni, Gulf of Corinth, Greece)

15 February 2016

Dolphin Biology Weeks

This one-week programme will provide you with opportunities of monitoring dolphins and other fauna in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece, together with experienced marine biologists who have been studying Mediterranean cetaceans for a long time.

For information: http://www.dolphinbiology.org/field/join.htm

12 February 2016

Dolphin Biology and Conservation in ITALIANO

Il sito di Dolphin Biology and Conservation รจ ora disponibile anche in ITALIANO.

The Dolphin Biology and Conservation web site is now available in ITALIAN, too.

11 February 2016

Different fins

Risso's dolphin 'Yaya' (right) with a short-beaked common dolphin mother (center) and her calf.

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni, Gulf of Corinth, Greece)

07 February 2016

Home port

Galaxidi, our home port in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece.

(Photo by G. Bearzi)

05 February 2016

Field station

This is the part of the Galaxidi field station used by DBC field assistants. The field station includes office and living spaces used by dolphin biologists and other team members. All the spaces have been refurbished by the researchers themselves, embracing principles of sustainability.
More photos at: http://www.dolphinbiology.org/field/station.htm

(Photo by G. Bearzi

01 February 2016

Scopoli's shearwater

Scopoli's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea).

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni, Gulf of Corinth, Greece)