07 March 2017

Close your eye

A bottlenose dolphin closes her eye while surfacing in a tight formation with two others.

(Photo by S. Bonizzoni, Gulf of Corinth, Greece)

04 March 2017

Dolphins-fisheries interactions

Giovanni during a seminar at the University of Ferrara, talking about competitive and food-web interactions between dolphins and Mediterranean fisheries (including coastal aquaculture).

03 March 2017

Dolphins in Ferrara

Giovanni Bearzi and Stefano Mazzotti, Director of the Ferrara Museum of Natural History, with a crowd of interested participants and a supervising skeleton. The event, part of the Darwin Day celebration series, focused on shifting perceptions of whales and dolphins, the difference between conservation and animal welfare, dolphin research in the Gulf of Corinth, and the greatness of Charles Darwin.

Thank you Giorgio Bertorelle (University of Ferrara) and Stefano Mazzotti for a lively evening.

(Photos by S. Bonizzoni)