10 July 2012

Dolphins are exposed to propeller strikes

Fast boats like this one sometimes deliberately cross groups of dolphins at high speed, without even stopping or slowing down.

The risk of propeller strikes resulting in body lesions obviously exists, even in the case of fast-moving animals such as striped and common dolphins.

Lesions that are possibly cased by propellers have been photographed several times in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. While wounded animals may recover, deeper lesions can result in mortality or impairment.

(Photos by S. Bonizzoni)

04 July 2012

Sea turtle entanglement and mortality in fishing gear

Today we found this turtle adrift in the Gulf. Initially we thought she was still alive, and attempted a rescue, but unfortunately she had recently died and there was nothing we could do.

This animal had a piece of fishing longline protruding from her mouth, the possible cause of death.

In the past we have successfully rescued a few turtles that were either entangled in fishing nets or had ingested longlines (an image of a successful rescue is shown below). Entanglement or ingestion of fishing gear seems to be commonplace.