20 May 2013

Dolphin Biology People: Christos

Christos Goultidis is the landlord of the apartments we use as a field station for dolphin research in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece. Over the years, he has become a collaborator and one who truly appreciates the work done by our small team. He regularly travels to Galaxidi from his home in Athens, sometimes simply to make sure that plants keep growing in the garden (defying high summer temperatures and a rocky soil). More often, he comes to solve problems that keep popping up in our three apartments, be it a malfunctioning solar panel or a damaged door. Over time, his visits have become welcome heartwarming events.

Christos has been in the computer business since 1983, working with Ericsson in Sweden for many years (he speaks Swedish fluently), and then as a computer educator in Greece. He wrote over 20 books and guides about computers and software. Several of these are used by public education institutions and computer centres nation-wide as textbooks to achieve a computer proficiency certification.

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