20 February 2018

Searching for meaning in marine mammal shared data


Bearzi G., Gimenez O. 2018. Searching for meaning in marine mammal shared data. Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics 18:9-13.

Open access and freely available at:

ABSTRACT - The sharing of marine mammal data is a worthwhile practice, but there are caveats. Data interpretation may be difficult, sometimes resulting in misleading information or inappropriate formulation of research questions. Here, we point out some of the challenges when dealing with shared marine mammal datasets. We emphasize the importance of collecting, publishing and sharing data in ways that can produce unbiased and meaningful knowledge, ultimately inspiring and directing management action. Finally, we suggest that bridging the gap between data sharing and data reuse will require enhanced spatially referenced online databases as well as direct collaboration between the data analysts and the field researchers who possess relevant place-based expertise.

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