26 September 2013

Fishermen offers

Thirty-four of 100 fishermen (97 men, 3 women) interviewed in the Gulf of Corinth made some kind of offer to Silvia. For fun, she kept track of them in her database. She was offered:

coffee  -  10 times
coffe and dinner  -  once
a drink  -  6 times
cigarette  -  8 times
cigarette and fish  -  once
cigarette and lunch  -  once
figs  -  once
fish  -  3 times
shells  -  3 times

Silvia accepted the shells and a couple of coffees offered by seniors. None of the interviewed fishermen behaved unpleasantly, and most were very kind. 

The trammel fisherman in the photo above washes a shell to be offered to the interviewer.

(Photo by G. Bearzi, Aliki, Greece)

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