27 June 2013

Texas A&M University in Galaxidi - 7

TAMUG students and trainers attending the Marine Biology Course in Galaxidi, portrayed after having walked a 3000yr old path from Delphi to Kirra.

(Photo by G. Bearzi, June 2013)

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Ellen Gillis said...

I've been watching FB posts and the Dolphin Biology & Conservation Blog and have seen this group grow in knowledge and experience during this trip -- a trip of a lifetime! Those of us back home can't wait to see you safely back with us, but are so envious for the opportunities this class abroad has afforded you! How awesome it must have been to trod the same path the ancients did so many thousands of years ago! A huge thank you to the fine professors and trip advisors for exposing this fine group of young women to such amazing wonders! Enjoy your remaining time in Greece together!