13 April 2013

Dolphin biology and guitar music

My first album, "i-o", was released today.

While I was in Texas as a visiting scientist I purchased a baritone guitar with 8 strings. Its rich sound got me started and prompted experimentation with music composition. Back in Italy, I wrote more songs and strived to learn digital editing and mixing. But, wait a minute. Is a dolphin biologist ever supposed to engage in such unscientific and naive activities? Let alone one who, like me, can't sing and has no music competence? I don't know. What I do know is that as long as I was super-busy with scientific and management work my guitars collected plenty of dust. I never sung anything, not even under the shower. At some point, priorities shifted. Or maybe I ended up feeling that there was still time to try something new, defective as it may be.

HERE you can listen to the album (*).

(*) Listening is free; download of CD-quality, lossless audio files for a small fee.

Many thanks to Stefano Giungato at StoneTracks Production for his highly professional mastering.

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